Sergio  -  02/03/2021

I am very satisfied with this printer. I would like to make a suggestion. Since to print the ABS, it is recommended to have the 4 side walls closed and the ghost 5 already has 3, why not add the fourth as a transparent and removable door?

Roberto  -  12/06/2020

A very good 3D printer. it took a quite long time to be shipped and delivered in Italy, but I love the quality of the construction and the easyness of the setup. Moreover, I always print using the wi-fi transmission service through CURA and it is always very useful (also the pre-heat function).

Ivans┬áZaharovs  -  20/05/2020

It's real nice printer, i love this printer because really nice print.

Erik  -  26/03/2020

Excellent Machine! Highly recommend it

John  -  01/03/2020

I bought a ghost 4s and just wanted to give my honor to the construction of the printer - when I assembled it, I was really impressed how you designed it - very nice! Also the quality of the parts are very good!. I didn't print something yet, but I'm confident about the results.